Stepwells and Textiles, Feb 2021


Silk Road Textiles, Arts & Crafts, Mar 2021


Desertscapes, Arts & Crafts. Oct 2021


Stepwells and Textiles, Feb 2021


Thanks to our wonderful E.Y.H.O. community, we donated over USD 5000 to rural artisanal families in Kutch!

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“The textile tour of Gujarat-Kutch-Rajasthan was one of the top events of my life, exceeding my fondest expectations.”

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Creative sari genius returns to traditional hand painted textiles 

Buddhist traditions co-exist alongside Hindu in Odisha weaving villages

A fast disappearing microcosm of hereditary bankers built lavish mansions that provided a base for unique culture, arts and crafts, and distinctive cuisine.

In traditional societies, textiles placed on the head play an important role in every aspect of a person’s life, from birth to death. 

Warrior Queens of India 1200-1600 CE

Extraordinary odds called for extraordinary feats of valour

Inside the invisible world of Arab scent

The most evocative of personal adornment leaves little or no trace over time

Ancient Indian water harvesting systems were also elaborate inverted temples to female deities

Delving into the Silk Road

Textiles, arts, and crafts tell an enduring tale of one of humankind's most important arteries of culture and trade.