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E.Y.H.O. tries to leave places we visit a little better than before. To support local economies, we use only locally-based tour operators (best way to find out?  Check their bank is locally-based). Most of our group tours include activities that add a social or environmental justice component to the trip. 

Over the years, we realised the best way to uplift communities is by supporting conscientious non-profits with a proven track record. Due to their deep local knowledge, the best non-profits know how to avoid surface-level impact and deliver holistic benefit to a community. 


We support: 


  • Bolpur Manab Jamin: supports underprivileged farmers living in Birbhum, West Bengal by recognising that food production is the first step in improving the wellbeing of these communities. Bolpur Manab Jamin promotes sustainable agricultural practice with innovative crop and resource management systems, supplemented by an array of initiatives to advance education, health, and awareness of government assistance schemes focused on women and children. 

  • Shrujan: An award-winning women’s co-op in rural Gujarat and Kutch, Shrujan is dedicated to reviving and sustaining desert textile traditions. They provide materials and support to women in rural communities to create a sustainable social enterprise and foster entrepreneurial empowerment.

  • The Kager Self-Help Project: on Lake Nyanza, Tanzania, a village which boasts an unusual community-run model, with zero govt or NGO funding. Yet every year we see progress: a dispensary, a school, a video hall. Homes, schools, healthcare, and food are provided to the high numbers of AIDS and malaria orphans in the area.

  • Yuva Parivartan: provides vocational training to underpriviledged youth living in Mumbai’s slums skills.  Training incudes skills such as hairdressing, cooking, and travel guiding, and also provides mentorship and job placement services. E.Y.H.O.’s slum tour is led by Yuva’s students.

  • Orphanages: E.Y.H.O. guests can volunteer at orphanages in New Delhi and Kiambu, Kenya. 

We'd be happy to arrange for our guests to volunteer with any of the above. Please enquire. 

Annual Textile Sale

A wildly popular annual tradition! Sells out in a matter of hours. In spring, Shila reluctantly parts with treasures gathered from textile tours and offers them up for sale in order to channel proceeds back to rural artisans. The sale is publicised on E.Y.H.O.'s Facebook page and held in Toronto. Shipping possible to the U.S. and U.K. Contact us to be included on our mailing list. 

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