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November 1 - 14, 2024 
Optional Essaouira Nov 14 - 17

Arts, Crafts, Textiles, and Desert Culture

We are just back from a spectacular tour! Check out our photo journal


Journey deep into a magical country of shifting sands, centuries of history, and a passionate craftspeople. Visit several UNESCO heritage sites. You won't want to miss this one. 

“To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.” – Edith Wharton

14 Days in depth exploration, optional 4 days Essaouira 

Stunning landscapes and unique lifestyles are a given in this endlessly fascinating country.

We will explore fabled royal cities, charming mountain towns, the Sahara Desert, Atlas Mountains, and the chic that is Marrakech. If that isn’t enough, we will go deeper by camping with Berbers in the desert, and meeting and working alongside artisans who craft exquisitely with their hands and hearts. Hands on workshops with women who have found their voice and vocation. With options for branching out later, this trip promises to make your “best-ever” list.  



• Several UNESCO sites
• Intimate exploration of Morocco’s royal walled cities
• Luxury accommodations in 4-5* heritage riads
• Sahara luxury camp stay
• Four hands-on textile workshops with women socio-preneurs including Berber natural dyeing demo
• Zellige and arts and crafts demos
• YSL Majorelle Gardens and Berber Jewellery Museum
• Medina tours with expert guides
• Lecture by renowned professor of Women Studies
• Route of 1000 Kasbahs
• Jemaa el Fna, Marrakech

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Optional: Essaouira

Read about Moroccan "whisky", communal ovens, and the call to heed in a souk.

Our latest tour: a photo journal

From the blog  Sensational, sensorial Morocco

Photo gallery - Morocco


"Some cultures wear their grandeur on the outside. Morocco’s riches are on the inside.  It was an incredible treat travelling with you. Thank you for fulfilling my dreams of Morocco! – Janice C., Cleveland, OH 

“Morocco with eyho was a spectacular trip in every way possible. Our guide was a huge force. He was able to talk about history, agriculture, politics, hydroelectric projects, climate change and green energy, women’s rights, and sharia law. And you, dear, beautiful Shila. The planning, hard work, endless phone calls, troubleshooting behind the scenes to make our trip so unforgettable and memorable.  Our accommodations, meals and excursions were of the highest comfort and appointment. Each property was truly unique. I am filled with wonder and gratitude – Suzanne Cross, Toronto 

"Shila, our fearless leader, you are a dream tour organiser, always attentive, always wanting us to have the best memories. I am still processing all we experienced. Big thanks for the unforgettable adventure. So much to thank you for your spirit of generosity. Your infectious love of travel and curiosity are an inspiration." -- Jessica Bradley, Montreal, Q.C.

Trip reports from past travellers

Watch Shila's talk on Zellige and 2022 tour info preview. 

Saadi tombs.jpg
Royal Cities 

Explore the walled cities of Fes, Marrakech, Meknes, and Essaouira. We will walk the liveliest alleyways and visit generational artisans in their workshops. Wander in search of painted plates, rugs, or a pair of exquisite earrings. Expert  guides . . . but you'll also have plenty of time to explore the ancient echoes on your own. 

Stunning landscapes 

As we head south past Erfoud, the landscape changes dramatically. Fantastical rock formations cut deep by once mighty rivers are dotted by kasbahs, former Tuareg trade strongholds, which seem to rise straight out from the desert. These astonishing, awe-inspiring vistas will help you understand how travellers fall in love with Morocco. 

Foray into the desert

Nothing compares to the romance of striking out "Lawrence style" into the Sahara, on camels* to luxury amidst the dunes. Sip cocktails while the sun sets. Glamp under the desert stars to the thrum of Tuareg rhythms and wake up to a plein-air breakfast as the sun rises. Unforgettable!

credit_ Kylie Crosby
Material Culture - Arts and Crafts

Moroccan tile mosaic is called zellige. It will delight your eyes at every turn. Tiny ceramic pieces are moulded and fired, and then painstakingly set into panels that line walls, houses, fountains, tables  . . . in fact, anything and everything, The craftsmanship is astonishing. We will visit workshops of zellige as well as pottery, woodworking, and leather. 

fes carpet.jpg
Amazigh (Berber) rugs 

The Amazigh excel at rugs used to line tents in the desert. Over the centuries their work has fuelled the dreams of carpet collectors. We will travel deep into the Sahara to meet and work alongside them, and admire their art. En route, we will stop at verdant palmyras, dramatic rock formations and tiny desert villages 

cherry button 6.jpg
Hands on workshops

Women won greater rights between 2004-14. Since then women entrepreneurs have blossomed to form social co-operatives around textile and culinary arts. We will take in four hands-on workshops in Berber weaving and natural dyeing, Fassi embroidery, and cherry-button making

fes riad 2.jpg
Pampering in Riads

When each slumber is straight out of the Arabian Nights, only the most enchanting riads will do. Bejewelled with zellige, adorned with fountains and courtyards, you won't want to leave the accommodations we have lined up. A highlight in themselves. 

Culinary Beats

As if Morocco's royal cities and the desert aren't enough of a draw, the food will keep you coming back for more. Fresh produce meets spices in tajines to create tantalising magic for your palate. Shop the souks for your own spice stash to bring home after taking in a cooking class or two in our riads. 

 Here's a taste 

our guests say it best

Rekha Karambayya

Combines unparalleled access with social responsibility and cultural sensitivity to achieve everything one could hope for in a specialty group tour: a creatively curated itinerary, meticulous planning, flawless execution and wonderful travel companions.  

Suzanne Cross

A superbly organized tour with an excellent guide and lots of stops in weaving cooperatives and other local artisan hubs, not to mention an unforgettable camel trek into the Sahara for the night.  And we had the flexibility for unplanned diversions and excursions. I am filled with wonder and gratitude.

Cindy Broughton

In one word, amazing.

Shila provided me an opportunity to experience the treasure that is Morocco:  colors, food, history, people, handcrafts, markets, accommodations.  I experienced the widest range of Moroccan life. Thank you, Shila, for giving me memories for a lifetime.

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