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A match between traveller and travel company = happiness.

A match between traveller, travel companions, and travel company = travel nirvana. 

How you like to travel

You're a culturally curious traveller who enjoys the stimulation that like-minded travellers in a small group can provide. You appreciate a well researched and sensitively executed itinerary. A few rough edges add to the adventure, as long as they are balanced by soft landings: select boutique accommodations, comfortable transportation, excellent leaders, and curated experiences. You dislike endless internet trawling, picking through fake reviews, cookie-cutter experiences, and wondering if you'll be met upon arrival. 

What we offer

At E.Y.H.O., we specialise in small group tours for friendly like-minded travellers. We explore the material culture, architecture, and history of traditional societies. Art, crafts, and textiles provide a thematic lens through which we explore their lifestyles. We excel at sensitively conceived and curated travel experiences. Because each tour is carefully crafted and meticulously delivered, it happens only once a year. 

Our travellers often forge lifelong connections. The best kind of travel! 

We often get asked what "unpackaged travels" means. ​It means we respect your individuality, even -- and especially -- on group travel. 

Since we love to explore as much as you do, we won’t settle for anything less than outstanding  – and neither should you. Our 60% multiple repeat customer record speaks volumes.  

I was so fortunate to have selected E.Y.H.O. Tours"  - Tina Crabtree, Calif.

Why E.Y.H.O.?​ Here's why

If group tours aren't your thing, bring us your basket full of ideas. We’ll piece it together for you. 

About Shila Desai, owner and founder here 

Bicycle in Asia

Mode of transportation



Joy of being alive



Skeleton Coast, Namibia

See, hear, speak no evil


Adrenaline high

Devil's Pool, Victoria Falls


Kalahari dreamin'



Selfie friends

Tribal Chin woman, Myanmar

Kutch 11.jpeg

Village belle

Meghwal beauty


Get away from it all

Private sail, Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

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