Unpackaged Travels 

We often get asked what "unpackaged travels" means
















Basically, it means we respect your individuality. One size does not fit all. 

Yet, travelling with a small group of like-minded companions on sensitively conducted group tours can come closest to travel nirvana. 

How we think you like to travel

You're a culturally curious, deep-dive kind of traveller. A throroughly researched and sensitively executed itinerary with a few rough edges to add to the adventure --as long as the latter are balanced by soft landings. Soft landings take the form of hand-selected boutique accommodations, comfortable modes of transportation, excellent guides, and thoughtfully curated experiences. What you dislike is endless internet trawling, picking through fake reviews, cookie-cutter experiences, tourist hordes, and wondering if you'll be met upon arrival.

How we like to travel

At E.Y.H.O., we help you explore a culture through a thematic lens that is of interest to you. It could be textiles, history, architecture, spirituality, wildlife and more. A new culture comes alive for our travellers because they start with a context. No worries if you don't have in depth knowledge; our expert tour leaders will kindle your interest and you'll come away intrigued, wanting to learn more. Our themed tours attract like-minded travellers who forge lifelong connections. The best kind of travel!

Since we love to explore as much as you do, we won’t settle for anything less than outstanding  – and neither should you. Join hundreds of travellers who haven't settled for less than outstanding. Our 60% multiple repeat customer record speaks volumes.  

I was so fortunate to have selected E.Y.H.O. Tours"  - Tina Crabtree, Calif.

Why E.Y.H.O.?​ Here's why

If group tours aren't your thing, choose a destination and come to us with your own basket full of ideas. We’ll piece it lovingly together for you. 

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