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Podcast - Second Act Stories 

A life "second act" resulted in E.Y.H.O. Tours 

Shila Desai’s life has an intriguing and international timeline. She is of Indian descent from Gujarat province. But she was born in Kenya and grew up there. She got her professional degree in the U.K.. At age 24, Shila relocated to Canada where she spent most of her adult life.

On the outside it looked like a wonderful life. But Shila struggled with depression and thirsted for something that she could call her own.

At the request of her writer’s group, she put together a tour that brought nineteen of her friends to India. The experience was such a success she turned it into a travel company called Eat Your Heart Out Tours (or E.Y.H.O. Tours for short). Listen to Shila's story on Andy Levine's Second Act Stories (20 min) 


Video Interview

Travel for social, culturally-curious older adults 

Shila Desai of E.Y.H.O. Tours on Margaret Manning's Sixty and MeMany older adults love the idea of joining a tour group instead of traveling alone. But this raises an important question - where can we find the best group travel deals?

Video Interview

How to live like a local as a solo traveller

Shila Desai of E.Y.H.O. Tours on Margaret Manning's Sixty and Me Instead of sticking to the tourist traps, living like a local allows you to discover hidden treasures - hidden cafes, quiet beaches and under-appreciated restaurants. 

Video Interview

Combining group travel with solo travel

Margaret Manning talks about E.Y.H.O. Tours on Sixty and Me  and how Shila helped her fall in love with group travel 

Mr X-Stitch 

Exploring embroidery frontiers while traveling 

Jen Funk Webber of The Funk Files gets Shila Desai's views on where embroidery's function ends and art takes over, from Shila's experience in leading India textile tours

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How to infuse your travels with meaningful interactions and explore the world in an exciting, imaginative way through following your passion

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