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Many happy travellers speak

“I can unequivocally say that Shila Desai’s E.Y.H.O. tour exceeded not only my expectations, but surpassed all my previous experiences with regards to cost, itinerary, accommodations and camaraderie. ”

Miriam Baichman, Toronto

“Unusual locations and experiences in and among small villages where quality textiles are made. We never could have seen some of the work in the small villages without Shila's connections. Forgive me for not being a flowery writer. I’m just delighted that I had so many opportunities to laugh, to feel touched by life outside of my own”

Mary K. Neufeld, Bali

““Given the chance would I travel with Shila again? Yes. She is a hands on operator, with a sense of humour and is always respectful. Very accommodating for those who'd like to pursue a special interest and then rejoin the group. What sets her apart from other tour operators is her close, personal and familial relationship with most of the stops on this trip.”

Phil Silverberg, Montreal


"I'd travel with E.Y.H.O. again in a heartbeat"
- Anne Marie Applin

“Shila is a seasoned traveller with a knack for finding amazing, out of the ordinary experiences and accommodations. We cooked with Maharajahs, toured a community development project in Mumbai and “played Holi” with a Bollywood star—just for starters. If you want to know about riding elephants, rowing through candle-lit waters, and more, you can’t go wrong with Shila.”

Val MacDonald, Toronto

“My sister encouraged me to join her on this journey. An India textile tour with a group of unknown women was not on my radar. But I said yes. I was welcomed from the onset by Shila Desai, company owner, tour organizer and guide extraordinaire. Intimate knowledge of the people, culture, textiles, food and regions made the experience seamless. Balance between anthropological attractions and textile industry was fascinating. Our varied accommodations were attractions in themselves: Maharajahs’ palaces and tents to desert mud huts bedazzled with reflective mirrors. I would travel with E.Y.H.O. Tours again”

Tina Hoffer, Colorado

“I cannot pick just one special moment. They just kept on coming until the entire ten days became one big special moment. Without a doubt, this African safari has been my favourite holiday so far. Shila, the bar has been set high and I look forward to joining you on many more such adventures”

Shanti Menon, Mississauga, ON

We love helping our guests find resonance with a destination, the people, and their culture.

Contact us for an experience like no other. 

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