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Silver-linings for when you can't travel.


Virtual talks with textile experts, academicians, and art historians to keep you connected to your favourite destinations. Free or cost-recovery. Limited group size hosted in intimate meeting format for excellent access to speakers.

The response has been enthusiastic! 

"Wow. Yet another wonderful lecture. I have a soft spot for well spoken people, no verbal tics, a broad vocabulary, a witty streak, and passion. How come you know them all? Enjoying myself way too much." -- Susanne Staer

"Clear, well-organized, with enthusiasm and expertise" -- Mary Littrell

"I love your programs!  They helped get me through the pandemic." - Grace S.  

Next up

 The Queen of Stepwells - Rani ki Vav 

Rani ki Vav.jpg

UNESCO Rani-ki-Vav was built as a memorial to a king in the 11th century AD. Stepwells, constructed since 3rd millennium BC, evolved from pits in sandy soil to elaborate multi-storey works of art and architecture -- in effect,  inverted temples . Rani-ki-Vav showcases the height of craftsmens’ ability, silted over for 800 years before discovery and excavation. In this lecture, start with an holistic overview and zero in on a few of the 1000's of exquisite sculptures for a social and historical commentary on religious, mythological and secular imagery of 11th C. western India. 

Thur April 18, 2024 at 7.30pm Eastern

Online. Free with registration. Link will be shared a day prior. 

Shila and Nirav_edited.jpg

Nirav Panchal is a multi-award winning tour leader who has pioneered the rennaissance of often forgotten stepwells alongside world renowned experts. Together with EYHO Cares Niravbhai has mobilized locals to restore many stepwells which otherwise would be crumbling into ruin. 

In conversation with Shila Desai, owner and founder of eyho tours. Shila has been conceptualizing one of a kind textile, historical, and cultural tours for the past 14 years. Her Gujarati ancestry has facilitated explorations of India's extraordinary riches, where architecture, textiles. and diverse cultures intertwine to create endless travel nirvana. 

 Kanchipuram - Arts and Architecture   

kanchipuram mural_edited.png

Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu was the city of cities, the city of a thousand temples. Dating back to 2nd BCE, it was an important pilgrimage and ancient university site. It was probably the southern end of Ashoka’s empire, where the first example of Tamil Brahmi script is found. Buddhism travelled from Kanchi to Japan and China, and early Jainism still survives here.
Importantly, Kanchi is a living textbook of the art history of Tamil Nadu. The most beautiful works of art and architecture of every Tamil dynasty are visible here, evidenced in the exotic, soft cottons and rich silk sarees of Kanchi for which Romans paid in gold.

Ahead of our January South India tour, this lecture will explore Kanchipuram's continuous 2000 year-old heritage representing every Tamil dynasty and creed. 


Nanditha Krishna.webp

Dr Nanditha Krishna is a historian, environmentalist, and writer based in Chennai, She has a Ph.D. in Ancient Indian Culture from Bombay University, where she was a Heras scholar. Dr Krishna has authored several books and is a sought-after international speaker. She has been awarded ‘Guru 2023’, ‘Award of Excellence’, Devi Award, Stree Ratna and Outstanding Woman of Asia. She was recently awarded the National Fellowship of Indian Council of Historical Research..


Past Events 

Getty images.jpg

April 5, 2024

Stepwells - Architectural Masterpieces

Built by kings, queens, and commoners to access water since ancient times, stepwells invert the concept of top- up architecture. The mystery of stepwells; why and how they were built. Preview of Oct Guj-Kutch-Rajasthan tour. Watch.


Shila Desai

Founder/owner of E.Y.H.O. Tours


Apr 14, 2022

The Mughal Dynasty

Discover why the word “moghul” is synonymous with concepts of wealth and power. Starting with the first emperor, Babur, and ending with Aurangzeb, the focus is on imperial patronage for works commissioned by these rulers that also provide insight into their lives. 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.

blue desert book cover_edited.jpg

Jan 27, 2022 

Slip into a desert vibe ahead of our Morocco tour! This book will transport you to the blue world of the Tuareg in the Sahara and post WW1 Britain. A discussion of the writing process as well as traditions of indigo and silver jewellery. Watch here 


Writer, editor, teacher


July 15, 2021

Ajanta Caves

UNESCO 2nd C BCE rock-cut caves of Ajanta, are a cross between monumental architecture and massive sculptures Notable not just for antiquity and religious significance, but also for spectacular artwork and ingeniously sophisticated techniques in its creation. Read more. 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.


June 3, 2021

In Uzbekistan, every part of the mulberry tree is used as food, wood, as a host for silkworms, and the pulp for generations-old paper making. Learn about its importance on design, spinning, tie-dye, and weaving of Uzbekistan's glorious ikats. View here


Dana Davies

Trip leader, Uz. Read about Dana

credit_ Kylie Crosby

March 18, 2021

Zellige: Tile mosaic of Morocco

Moroccan zellige is as intricate as jewellery. Yet Morocco's royal cities are lavishly adorned with zellige. Go inside enchanting zellige interiors, learn how it's made, and why it's a prized but dying art. Includes Oct 2021 tour preview. Watch


Shila Desai

Owner and Founder, E.Y.H.O. Tours and zellige enthusiast


March 9, 2021

¡Viva México! Popular Art

Few countries offer such a rich and varied cultural heritage as Mexico. The arts and crafts of Mexico are a living force, not a nostalgic evocation. Dazzling colour and design combine Aztec, Maya and Spanish traditions. Read more here


Chloë Sayer


Read about Chloë


January 19, 2021

Silver and Frankincense

Journey into the evanescent world of traditional Arab scent. Scent features in religious, personal, and social context through silver perfume containers, sumptuously scented paste beads, and fragrant clove necklaces. 

Zay Sigrid van Roode.png

Sigrid van Roode

Sigrid is Jewellery Historian at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands


December 10, 2020

Frida Kahlo and Traditional Mexican Dress

Frida Kahlo's iconic status lies in her flamboyant and courageous dressing style, an homage to Mexican indigenous cultures and an inspiration for designers and fashionistas the world over. Reading list here


Chloë Sayer

About Chloë

taj mahal.jpg

November 2, 2020

Behind the Marble Veil

Royal intrigues, power grabs, and the real reason why the world's most beautiful building was built. A synthesis of latest scholarship on northern India's "exposed zone" and the Timurid connection


Dr Justin Jacobs


Apr 14, 2022

The Burmese Kingdom of Bagan

King Anawratha faced an uphill battle in 1044 but with help from Buddhist leaders and strong generals he forged a powerful kingdom in central Myanmar. The art and architecture of Bagan illuminates political and religious changes that came to define Burmese culture of the period. 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.


Feb 22, 2022

 Book Talk: The Day of the Dead: A Visual Compendium

Mexico's Day of the Dead honours the departed with lavish offerings. The roots of this festival stretch back into the distant past. In her new book, Chloë Sayer traces cultural significance and visual legacy of these uniquely Mexican celebrations. 


Chloë Sayer

Independent scholar, museum curator

Angkor Wat image.jpg

Dec 2, 2021

Angkor Wat - City of God Kings 

12th CE UNESCO Angkor Wat is an anomaly amongst Khmer temple mountains. Discover its purpose through the complex art and design of this massive religious complex.

Read about the Women of Angkor: Celestial or real? 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.

Shila Zay Initiative.jpg

Sept 7, 2021

Kutchi Tie-Dyed Head Coverings

Tie-dyed head coverings are a constant companion in traditional women's lives, as a protection from the elements, confer identity, status, and a commentary on inter-religious relations. Hindu and Muslim communities share a common culture in this harsh desert land. Watch here


Shila Desai

Owner and Founder E.Y.H.O. Tours 


April 1, 2021

Chettinad: Mansions, Culture

Hereditary Chettiar bankers built uniquely designed mansions of the finest from all over the world.  Learn about this fast disappearing microcosm, its fascinating culture, arts and crafts, and distinctive cuisine. Read more here

Preview of upcoming tour of South India. 


Meena Suppiah

Esteemed member, Chettiar community


March 16, 2021

¡Fiesta! Festivals of Mexico

Visually splendid and often extremely costly, Mexican festivals feature dances with richly embellished costumes and masks. Most important on the festival calendar is Days of the Dead. Celebrate the passion that is Mexico!


Chloë Sayer


Read about Chloe


February 23, 2021

Ready to travel? Read this first

A frank assessment of the travel scene ahead, including what to look for in cancellation and rebooking policies. Why E.Y.H.O.? Why small group, owner-led? Plus upcoming tours beginning mid Oct 2021. Watch here


Shila Desai

Owner and founder, E.Y.H.O. Tours, and C.A. by training

Kohl on woman.jpg

January 12, 2021

Paint it, Black - history and culture of kohl containers

Since earliest times, kohl has been used to beautify men and women, ward off evil, confer status, accompany rituals and feasts. Using SW Asia's canvas, explore its remarkable history from Early Bronze Age to the present. 


Jolanda Bos

Archeologist and dress anthropologist at the Univ of Leiden, The Netherlands


December 3, 2020

Frida and Diego - Mexico's Golden Age of Art

Colourful, turbulent art and lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera capture the world's imagination. Discover why Frida's intimate self-portraits and Diego's panoramic murals gave the pair iconic status.


Chloë Sayer

About Chloë


Oct 7, 2020

Vanishing Stepwells of India

India's least-known edifices are also its most marvellous. Unique marvels of architecture, engineering, and art, they proliferated throughout the subcontinent for over a millennium. Watch here


Victoria Lautman


Feb 22, 2022

 Maya Heritage: Ancient and Contemporary Culture 

The Maya have been a cultural force for over 3000 years as evidenced by their art, architecture, maths, astrology, calendrics and hieroglyphic writing. With this lecture, explore Maya culture ahead of our Fall Chiapas tour.


Chloë Sayer

Independent scholar, museum curator


Feb 16, 2022

The Silk Road: a historical perspective

Connecting three continents, the Silk Road was a pathway for the exchange of luxury goods and new ideas. More than just silk traveled these treacherous roads. Rare and valuable commodities made fortunes along the way. 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.

Borobudur image.jpg

Oct 14, 2021

Borobudur- A mystery in stone

Little is known of the dynasty that sponsored the creation some of the most spectacular religious structures in the world, such as the spectacular and massive Chandi Borobudur. A contextualized walk through the details of its evocative sculptures. Read more. 


Dr Robert DeCaroli

Prof. S/SE Asian Art History, G.M.U.


July 15, 2021

Phulkari Revival

Phulkari embroiders women's lives from birth, adolescence, marriage, childbirth to death. It survived Indo-Pakistan partition, but almost succumbed to machine copies and commercialisation. A mother-daughter duo revive original designs and motifs to breathe new life. View here

phulkari Mannat and Preeti_edited_edited.jpg

Preeti and Mannat Sidhu

Fusion Phulkari

Kailash Woman, Pakistan.jpg

March 30, 2021

Textiles for the Head

When placed on the head, textiles serve very specific purposes, ranging from identifying the wearer’s ethnicity, geographical location, or life achievements; age, marital, or economic status; and religious affiliation.   

Read more here

Christine Brown.jpg

Christine Brown

Anthropologist, Peace Corps worker


March 11, 2021

Mulberry Trees of Uzbekistan

The mulberry tree is crucial to the extraordinary material culture of Uzbekistan with an emphasis on its glorious ikats. Due to a technical glitch, Dana's talk was repeated June 3 (above) But you can watch the tour preview here


Dana Davies and Shila Desai


Read about Dana


February 9, 2021

Medieval India: Religion, Warfare, and Two Strong Queens

Indian medieval warrior queens' contributions to religious harmony, the anti-colonial movement, art, and architecture. Clues to modern India through two strong queens - Sultana Razia and Abbakka Chowta. Read more


Dr Joyce Salisbury

Professor Emerita, PhD Medieval History, Rutgers NJ

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 6.04.30 PM.png

January 5, 2021

Stories in Silver : reading North African jewellery 

Messenger, protector and bank account are roles traditional jewellery plays Travel from the steppes of Central Asia to the Maghreb to decipher the language of silver. 

Zay Sigrid van Roode.png

Sigrid van Roode

Sigrid is Jewellery Historian at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands


November 19, 2020

Geeta's Diwali Kitchen

Chef Geeta invites you into her kitchen to explore myths and traditions of Diwali while focusing on the food that brings us together. Cook along or just watch. FREE - Catch the recorded session here

geeta maini.jpg

Geeta Maini

About Geeta

More great speakers and workshops coming soon!

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