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Why travel with us

See the world and connect. Simple, right? 

Let's think this through. 

Hindu Temple


Travel gods can be capricious. Your best laid travel plans can go awry. That's why your most important travel decision is choice of tour company.  ​

Travel with confidence

  • E.Y.H.O. is accredited by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (T.I.C.O.) to safeguard your holiday. 

Travel Deeper

  • E.Y.H.O group tours are tried-and-tested. Owner Shila Desai personally dry runs each new location to unearth must-see sights and hidden gems

  • We think deeply about the best use of your time on tour. If a location merits a lingering, you will have it. If the pacing is frenetic, we add a day for your relaxation. Long road transfers are kept to a minimum. Instead, we opt for internal train or air travel, even ferries. 

  • E.Y.H.O. deals with local tour operators and enjoys long-standing relationships with local NGOs for access to experiences that are otherwise inaccessible

  • The focus is on the non-commercial. Enjoy meals with local families, visits to villages, niche workshops, and mingling with royalty

  • Each tour is led by North American-based trip leaders who have lived or travelled extensively in the destination with a rich understanding of the culture. They act as "cultural bridges" and help smooth your way into a new environment

  • Each tour features lectures and talks by experts. We reach out to local university professors, journalists,  and writers so your travel can take on a deeper dimension


Cookie-cutter-free Zone

  • Our tours train a thematic lens on the natural and human character of a destination. You’ll observe, then roll up your sleeves to get cracking in workshops, demos, and activities. Sample the cuisine of North India and take workshops with world-renowned chefs. Learn block-printing techniques from master artisans and study regional embroidery. Trek to a deserted lake edge with a Masai morani, and hunt alongside the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribe in Africa. Don’t just buy cinnamon in a Sri Lankan market; go harvest the stuff on a family plantation. Our trips are infused with the unusual and immersive.

  • We eschew big box chain hotels in favour of small family run boutique and heritage accommodations. Interaction with owners adds a rich dimension to your travels. 


Not all Group Travel is Created Equal

Imagine custom travel with the advantages of a group . . .

  • Our groups are never larger than 20 people, and in many cases, way smaller.

  • Travelling solo? No worries! Through a sensitively administered process, we suggest roommates to save you the single supplement. Many E.Y.H.O.ers room together and form lasting friendships. 

  • Extensive before tour support: Book flights, ask questions, have your concerns addressed, drop in for chai -- being Canadian-based, we are only a phone call away. From point of first contact in your home country to last in country of travel, you will be with a North American-based trip leader

  • Meet fellow travellers pre-trip – via Skype/Facetime if necessary. No wondering with whom you’ll be stuck!

  • On the tour, enjoy access to 2 local co-leaders in order to accommodate special interests

  • For each activity or workshop, we often provide 2-3 choices, all included in your tour cost. E.g. you prefer a market walking tour as opposed to an architecture tour? No problem! 

  • After the tour, it isn’t goodbye. We continue to enrich your travel experience with invitations to shows, exhibitions, museum visits, book clubs, and get-togethers. It’s how our groups feel so intimate! E.Y.H.O. travellers are a family of discerning travellers sprinkled all over the globe, many of whom developed life-long friendships. 

As careful with your money as we are with ours 

  • As an integral part of your experience, all excursions, workshops and entrance fees are included. We do not pile on extras once you begin your tour. 

  • You can rest assured that you will not be led to commissioned shopping. In fact, as much as shopping is a fact of any tour --particularly a textile tour -- you will always have options in case you wish not to partake.

  • Your day goes better with a good breakfast . . . always included. At least half the rest of meals' cost is included, leaving you time and space to explore on your own or give your digestive system a break. 

  • We constantly compare pricing and inclusions, and are confident we offer the best value. For each tour, take a look at our line comparisons against 2-3 other companies offering similar tours

  • Stuff happens. Deposits are refundable less a small admin charge usually up to 3 months prior to tour start. You can also apply your deposit to a future tour. 

  • We guarantee prices in USD that are locked in the moment you register. No surprise increases even if group minimum isn't met and we decide to run the tour. 


Last year, I had the pleasure of travelling with EYHO to Myanmar. As a world traveller (I have travelled every continent except Antarctica both on organized tours and individually). I can unequivocally say that Shila Desai’s EYHO tour exceeded not only my expectations, but surpassed all my previous experiences with regards to cost, itinerary, accommodations and commraderie.

Shila definitely delivers above and beyond a traditional tour. It is evident that Shila has done extensive research and planning, as well as scouting out the locations, prior to embarking on a group tour. Her knowledge of locations, peoples, crafts, etc. are impressive. Her selection of guides, activities, places to visit, means of transport, accommodations and eateries are carefully thought-out and chosen. Additionally, she arranges that her clients are offered a variety of options to fit their particular needs. Over time she has acquired a following of world travellers who sign up repeatedly for her tours. The fact that the number of people is limited enhances the bonding process and creates a mini family experience for all.

I highly recommend Shila and EYHO to anyone who is interested in having a cost efficient and unique tour experience. My only concern is that I reserve my spot before it gets full.

Miriam Baichman, M.Ed.


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