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India Artisans
Covid Relief

Thanks to our wonderful E.Y.H.O. community, we raised over USD 7500 to rural artisanal families in Kutch!

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India is very close to our hearts, being one of the first destinations we launched.

As Covid19 ravages India, our thoughts are with all Indians, and particularly with rural artisans.

The hands that craft are empty. Many of their owners are no more.

E.Y.H.O. will channel 100% of funds raised to a vetted collaborative of artisanal NGOs

to provide food, health packets, raw materials, wages, and marketing support. 

We chose this collaborative to partner with because, through long association,

we have witnessed first hand the results of their stellar work and extensive reach. 

Direct to rural artisanal families 

Reputable and established NGOs are the best vehicle for channeling funds where need is highest. Fundraising costs are low and reach is extensive. From years of close scrutiny of their work, E.Y.H.O. chose to donate to Kutch Karuna Abhiyan

Up to 100,000 reached, including 3000 rural craft artisans. 


Funds raised 

Within a few days, E.Y.H.O. community donated

USD 5400 for the first wave of support. Thank you for your generosity! 

Work is underway to access families whose need is greatest. 

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  • Telemedicine and e-consultation

  • Distribution of safety equipment and monitoring devices

  • Awareness campaign: manage Covid, vaccine hesitancy

  • Community kitchens 

  • Quarantine centres 

  • Dedicated vaccine camps


Your donations at work

Distribution already underway of:

  • basic kits comprising Oxymeter, thermometer, masks and temperature guns to over 70 village

  • masks and sanitisers to community members

  • awareness campaign: videos and audio messages

  • online training and orientation of volunteers

  • tele medicine system by Kutch Karuna Abhiyan

  • supply of PPE/kits to Bhujodi weaving community 

  • ration kits to needy families