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Chiapas Textiles Arts and Crafts Tour

Sit back and enjoy photos from our October tour

Bonampak Mural AD 800

Visiting Mexico's bastion of indigenous culture is a like going back in time and moving forward in the same parallel. On the one hand indigenous lifestyles, textiles, folk arts, and language are preserved almost intact. On the other, they are preserved because of tenacity and resourcefulness through contemporary means.

The world's indigenous peoples can learn many lessons from Chiapas. The 1994 indigenous conflict in Chiapas not only provoked a domestic awareness of indigenous rights, recognition and self-determination, but also an international awakening on these issues.

Travellers are drawn to Chiapas for this duality in tradition and innovation. Weavers turn out exquisite woven textiles on the backstrap loom in use since antiquity. The same weavers form strong collectives to market their product on the world stage and support each other. Almost every family practises milpa: cultivation of beans, maize, and squash since ancient civilizations. Yet the NAFTA attempt, amongst other grievances, at replacing indigenous maize with GMO versions met with the Zapatista uprising. There are countless examples of solidarity in the face of the relentless bulldozer of change.

We struck deep into Chiapas. There was no better person to guide us than Chloë Sayer. Here’s a photographic journal of our explorations. For captions, hover cursor over photos.

Textiles in every design, composition, and colour. Many are natural dyed, woven with incredible precision and artistry on the backstrap loom. We visited Magdalena Aldama, San Pedro Chenalho, San Andrés Larráinzer among other villages.

Arts and crafts ranging from ceramics and beads to paper and lacquerware. Palenque, Amatenango de Valle, San Cristobal, and Chiapa de Corzo

We joined in the observing the deeply moving Dias de los Muertos. Bedecked village cemeteries and acts of worship and love welcomed back the cherished dead. Meanwhile Mexico City partied.

Through Chloë, met living legends and luminaries. Most popular were evening lectures by Chloe. She generously shared her insight of Maya history, architecture, textiles, arts and crafts.

Our travels spanned from the traditional to ultra contemporary

Accommodations are always a highlight!

Delving deep into Maya historical sites . . . spectacular Bomampak, Palenque. Also Olmec civilisation.


As always . . . the people! The food! Unforgettable.

Wonderful group at Colectivo Kibeltik, where we enjoyed a weaving demo and a hearty bowl of squash soup. Great shopping too!

Accolades: A wonderful variety of awesome experiences. Want to go back again! " -Brenda G.

Thanks for a truly great trip with you wonderful people" - Suzi Click, L.A

We will do it all over again soon. Join us! For advance registration, contact me.


Thanks for taking a look! I am Shila Desai, owner of E.Y.H.O. Tours. I personally handcraft itineraries, infusing them with curated activities, accommodations, and sightseeing. Together with my in-country teams, we deliver exceptional holidays every time. I invite you to leave me a comment or write

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