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Custom E.Y.H.O.

We hear you. As travel reopens, Europe, U.S., and Canada seem safer. 

Take advantage of our years of experience in custom travel arranging. With deep local intel and connections, your wishes will come true, safely.

Here are some ideas. Contact us for more. 

You have planned a fabulous trip and I cannot thank you enough - E. Schusheim, On

 London's been amazing so far. Guides' knowledge on art, architecture and London are outstanding - D. Albaum, Toronto


East Coast Canada

Spring, summer and fall 

Tour a stunning landscape that justifies Canada's famous reputation for natural beauty. Explore the Cabot Trail, one of the world's iconic driving routes that links windswept coastal towns, fishing villages, artisanal outposts, and lighthouses from a bygone age. Detour to natural, uncrowded New Brunswick and find French flavour in Gaspé all without continent hopping. Discover the freshest seafood and inhale gulpfuls of fresh air. This one is a feast for ALL the senses! 


Barcelona and Catalonia countryside

Spring and Fall

An active vacation that balances energizing exercise—daily Pilates, gorgeous hikes, and scenic bike rides—with a real taste of Catalan culture. Start in Barcelona for stylish city digs and walks through iconic neighbourhoods. Head to the countryside of the Empordà, to a quiet village surrounded by poppy fields, olive groves, and vineyards. Stay in an artfully restored villa-hotel whose counterpoint is delicious local Catalan food and wine. Tailor-made for your group of 8 or more travelers. Scheduled on dates that work for you.


British Columbia Nature Trail 

Spring, Summer, Fall 

The scent of cedar in the air. The taste of sea salt on your tongue. The thrill of observing animals in the wild. Walk amongst ancient cedar giants. Cast a line into breathtaking mountainside rivers, accessed only by helicopter. Shower in sea spray from a breaching whale. Settle in around the outdoor fire for connection, storytelling and nightcaps. Sleep soundly in the luxury of stillness, surrounded by nature’s calls. Located in the heart of B.C’s Great Bear Rainforest on Canada's west coast, settle in for the ultimate reset. 


Road trip through SW Colorado and Utah, staying in luxury tented camps, offering the ultimate secluded getaway. Immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing modern comforts. The true luxury however is being able to experience the San Juan Mountains in South Western Colorado and winding your way through Utah's desert landscape of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges.  Tailor made for your group of 4-8. 


Puglia's Trulli Trails

Spring and Fall 

From your base in Alberobello, Italy, explore the maze of trulli, cone-shaped white buildings that look like houses straight out of a fairytale. The village is a labyrinth of narrow streets and charming piazzas, whilst it also has a beautiful belvedere that offers fabulous views of the town. Stop for an espresso and breathe in the fresh air. Cycling and hiking for the active and delectable local cuisine and wines for all. Additional nights in the Salento area for further exploring. Tailor made for your group of 4-8. 

Rather wait for our group tours? We will make it happen! 

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