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Explore the World of Themed Travel

One size does not fit all . . . especially when it comes to travel.

Packaged tours are convenient but what if you are a deep-dive kind of traveller looking for exceptional experiences?

Your travel nirvana may lie in the world of special interest, or themed, travel. Themed travel focuses on a specific theme, enabling travellers to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for a destination.

Personalization is increasingly desirable for the 45+ age set for whom travelling fills an expanding window of leisure time.

Matching themes to destinations

How to figure out which theme to explore in a country? Or if you have a theme in mind, where would you go?

Usually each destination has a “main event” in terms of travel themes. It could be historical, geographical, or cultural. For example, handmade textiles or Mughal architecture astound in India. In Turkey, culinary takes precedence because Turkey has the world's highest number of indigenous domesticated crops. If it's tea you're after, opt for Sri Lanka. Arts and crafts lover? Oaxaca will enthral you.

If your heart is set on visiting New Zealand, you simply must hike its breathtaking wilderness. Headed to Kenya? Don't miss out on a safari.

Themes help serve as a lens through which to understand the essence of a destination. They allow you to "travel your passion" beyond an average type of trip.

So, what are the benefits of themed travel?

Led by experts in their field

Often, themed travel organisers will seek out tour leaders who are experts within the framework of the theme and her/his country. They can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary.

Out of the ordinary experiences

Travelling around a theme is the antithesis of “one-size-fits-all”. A themed tour company will seek out unique experiences that speak to the theme. For a culinary tour, get invited to visit a local home, meet the family, cook with them and share a meal. After all, a home-cooked meal is the ultimate dining luxury on travels. On a textile tour, participate in a hands-on workshop to learn alongside a master artisan. You'll gain new appreciation for her/his accomplishments -- even learn a thing or two!

Flexible itineraries

The opposite of an iron-clad itinerary! A good themed tour itinerary builds in flexibility. Travelling in a new country is a dynamic proposition. You will often see something that will intrigue you to explore it further. Since it’s a themed tour, you will be with like-minded travellers, and chances are you won’t be interrupting the schedule. In fact, you will be enhancing everyone’s experience.

Where you hang your hat

On travels, even where you sleep must be a highlight. Typically, themed travel is run in small groups. Given small group size, themed tours avoid generic big box chains and veer towards heritage boutique hotels and community-run lodgings. These properties’ unique ambiance can enhance your experience since the proprietors are often personable local characters whose local lore will keep you entertained over a fun breakfast or evening sundowner.

Ask and you shall receive

No price can be put on relationships nurtured through an initial meeting on a themed tour. Chances of meeting a sympatico co-traveler are high since you both gravitated to a common theme. Many travel buddies turn into lifelong friends. The entire themed tour experience often becomes a special memory shared amongst a group of people all enjoying the same passion together.

Ready to theme-travel? We are standing by to organise your dream solo or small group tour. Bring your wish-list of themes you wish to explore and places you might want to visit. We'll do the rest.

Contact us today!

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