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Ready to travel? Here's what you need to know

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

As the pandemic's second wave peters out, travel begins to look possible again. But with uneven vaccination rollouts and mutant strains, things are still uncertain. Wisest strategy is to plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

Our owner and founder, Shila Desai, took a sold-out audience behind the scenes to understand how travel risk is apportioned, and how it informs cancellation and rebooking policies. Why should you consider E.Y.H.O. when you are ready to travel? Why a small group, owner-led tour? Shila went over E.Y.H.O.'s better-than-industry standard cancellation and rebooking provisions in comparison to 4 main tour companies. She also previewed five group tours beginning mid Oct 2021.


Two polls from the session revealed most travellers are ready to travel by Dec 2021, and close to the same number within the next six months. When they do travel, domestic destinations and Europe topped the list. Interest in international travel looks set to pick up by early 2022.

Q: When will you be ready to travel again?

Raring to go


Q: When you do travel, where will it first be?

Oh, the places you'll go


Here are travellers' main concerns:

  • group size: small is best. E.Y.H.O.'s group size, never large at best, is dropping further to a maximum of 12-14 per trip

  • travel insurance: what to look for in trip cancellation from your side, as well as health coverage

  • cancellation and rebooking policies: travellers are looking for the longest lead time. E.Y.H.O.'s 60 day full refund and generous re-booking policies, as well as stringent oversight by T.I.C.O. (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) means our travellers can rest easy. If we cancel, you get all your money back, no questions asked. Our full terms and conditions here.


Watch the recording here.

To help you navigate, here's a timeline.

  • Min 0-3.30 : Intro

  • Min 6.40: Housekeeping

  • Min 18.00: Current and projected travel scene

  • Min 34.00: Overview of Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan tour

  • Min 43.48: Morocco tour

  • Min 59.45: Gujarat/Kutch/Rajasthan tour

  • Min 1.14.43: South India

  • Min 1.22.18: Punjab/Kashmir/Ladakh

  • Min 1.28.40: How are our destinations faring wrt COVID/vaccinations?

  • Min 1.40.55: How is risk shared, why E.Y.H.O., T&C

  • Min 1.46.00: Comparison

  • Min 1.46.37: Wrap up and goodbye


We are happy to answer any of your questions. We are in this together and we will travel again soon!

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