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  • Shila Desai

Where Angels Dare Fly

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, where adrenaline levels reach all-time highs

One of the world’s seven natural wonders, the Falls – unlike Niagara Falls in my backyard – reveals itself slowly. On the Zimbabwean side, you come across a few cataracts, which are awe-inspiring enough.

Then as you walk along the gorge, more stunning falls are revealed. As you progress, you wipe your eyes from the mist and enter an otherworldly realm: a shrouded cloud forest-like habitat.

Red flowers punctuate the lush gloom. Birds call out and an antelope scampers away.

You feel the force of the spray before you round a corner. And then, finally, you see the full majesty of the Falls.

The sight never fails to stop one’s breath short.

David Livingstone must have felt like this when he was first shown the Smoke That Thunders or Mosi Oa Tunya. On the Zambian side, where (believe it) Dr. Livingstone’s heart is buried, we walked in his footsteps to the very edge of the falls. Then we dared the impossible. Bracing against the current, we swam into the Devil’s Pool, hoisted over a natural ledge, and dangled where only angels fly.

It was a moment to file away . . . to squash that inner voice that says nothing ever exciting happens to you.

Oh, that and a microlight flight over the Falls too. Nothing except a harness between you, the elements, and the crashing, thundering water way down below.

Here's the video for instant social-media superstar status (we got over 2k likes in 2 days)

Supercharge your fall 2018 on our journey to Victoria Falls!

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