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Odisha (Orissa)

January 28 - Feb 11, 2020


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Over 15 leisurely days, explore eastern India's complex tribal cultures in market and villages. Discover exquisite textile, arts and crafts in artisan villages. Travel back in time to magnificent temples in ancient living cities where the pulsing beat of devotion has continued for millennia. 

"A life changing trip in many respects. In depth exposure and unhurried appreciation of the tribal cultures of Odissa. I gained new perspectives on the challenges of India's rapid growth and preserving its cultural heritage. I highly recommend this trip."

~ Dr. S.W. , Burlington, ON 

USD 3850 double occ./Add USD 1350 for single room




Village to Village walks 

Rural India as it was generations ago! Walk verdant landscape dotted with rice paddies to access isolated villages alongside local leaders who have worked extensively with villagers to improve living standards. 

Age-old traditions and customs 

You never know what event you'll be invited to. It could be a puberty ceremony for a young girl, or you could run into a wedding procession. Be prepared to dance and partake in the celebrations!

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Folk Dances and ceremonies

Rituals revolve around farming cycles. During February's rice winter harvest, festivals abound. Experience different tribal groups' traditions in the company of thoughtful and sensitive local leaders. 

Rural markets 

On market days, be a fly on the wall or be drawn into the action. At several weekly markets, experience the ebb and flow of trade and social interaction on the villagers' most anticipated day of the week. 

Tribal arts, crafts, and textiles 

Loin cloths on backstrap looms, pottery with techniques unchanged from hundreds of years, metal working from thousands of years, and more. 

Exquisite single ikat weaving and natural dyeing

Generations of Odishan royalty and a deeply embedded temple culture has spawned renowned traditions of weaving and natural dyeing. We will visit nationally awarded artisans.  

Temples and monuments

Ancient holy cities with unchanged temple rites from the middle ages. UNESCO awarded monuments that speak to a grand civilisation. 

what our guests say

Rekha Karambayya

Combines unparalleled access with social responsibility and cultural sensitivity to achieve everything one could hope for in a specialty group tour: a creatively curated itinerary, meticulous planning, flawless execution and wonderful travel companions.  

Miriam Baichman

Definitely delivers above and beyond a traditional tour. Shila does extensive research and planning, as well as scouts out locations, prior to embarking on a group tour. Over time she has acquired a following of world travellers who sign up repeatedly. 

My only concern is that I reserve my spot before it gets full.

Penny Robinson

The itinerary was well thought out, especially since we were in areas that had bee‎n recently opened up to tourists. 


 Shila 's expertise and high attention to detail were evident  in the almost seamless shifts between accommodation, transportation, and sightseeing. I have nothing but praise for her company.

Photos from our tour
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