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Nagaland's Stinging Nettle Weaving - Lecture and Workshop

Older than the cultivation of cotton, nettle is like gold dust in Nagaland. In a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, the plant is harvested once a year, hand-processed, hand-spun into yarn, and stored for the rest of the year for weaving shawls. Through generationally shared knowledge, Naga women have woven nettle yarns on back-strap looms. Their shawls, through their colours, motifs and patterns, indicate the identity of their tribe, social status, and attributes of bravery and merits. Learn about the original 100% sustainable fibre and earliest forms of weaving that survive intact to this day. Lecture and workshop. 

Date and time: TBA . Write us

Limited space. 

TBA - Details coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Mumbai has the world’s second-largest collection of Art Deco buildings, second only to Miami and now a Unesco World Heritage site. This virtual tour highlights the finest stretch of 35 Art Deco buildings along Marine Drive, also known as the Queen’s necklace. Built in the early 20th C, they showcase nautical features and architectural elements that correspond to the city’s tropical climate. Explore the history of this cosmopolitan neighbourhood, and how it emerged as a symbol of Mumbai's modern identity.

Date: TBA 

Limited space. Registration: USD 10

Nonprofit Art Deco Mumbai was set up in 2016 to raise awareness of Mumbai's Art Deco buildings on social media, as well as to document them in an online repository. Principal Atulkumar and team have listed more than 375 buildings, including residences, palaces, hotels and cinemas, all built between 1930 and 1950. Art Deco Mumbai conducts award-winning onsite tours and during the lockdown, they have agreed to host a virtual one for E.Y.H.O. 

Past Events 


April 1, 2021

Hereditary Chettiar bankers built uniquely designed mansions of the finest from all over the world.  Learn about this fast disappearing microcosm, its fascinating culture, arts and crafts, and distinctive cuisine. Read more here

Preview of upcoming tour of South India. 

Meena Suppiah

Esteemed member, Chettiar community

March 16, 2021

Visually splendid and often extremely costly, Mexican festivals feature dances with richly embellished costumes and masks. Most important on the festival calendar is Days of the Dead. Celebrate the passion that is Mexico!

Chloë Sayer


Read about Chloe

February 23, 2021

Ready to travel? Here's what you need to know

A frank assessment of the travel scene ahead, including what to look for in cancellation and rebooking policies. Why E.Y.H.O.? Why small group, owner-led? Plus upcoming tours beginning mid Oct 2021. Watch here

Shila Desai

Owner and founder, E.Y.H.O. Tours, and C.A. by training

Kohl on woman.jpg

January 12, 2021

Paint it, Black - history and culture of kohl containers

Since earliest times, kohl has been used to beautify men and women, ward off evil, confer status, accompany rituals and feasts. Explore its remarkable history from Early Bronze Age to the present. 

Jolanda Bos

Archeologist and dress anthropologist at the Univ of Leiden, The Netherlands


December 3, 2020

Frida and Diego - Mexico's Golden Age of Art

Colourful and turbulent art and lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera continue to capture the world's imagination. Discover why Frida's intimate self-portraits and Diego's panoramic murals have given the pair iconic status.

Chloë Sayer

About Chloë


Oct 7, 2020

Vanishing Stepwells of India

India's least-known edifices are magnificent subterranean stepwells. Unique marvels of architecture, engineering, and art, they proliferated throughout the subcontinent for over a millennium. Watch here

Victoria Lautman

Kailash Woman, Pakistan.jpg

March 30, 2021

When placed on the head, textiles serve very specific purposes, ranging from identifying the wearer’s ethnicity, geographical location, or life achievements; age, marital, or economic status; and religious affiliation.   

Read more here

Christine Brown

Anthropologist, Peace Corps worker

March 11, 2021

Mulberry Trees of Uzbekistan

Learn about the importance of the mulberry tree to the extraordinary material culture of Uzbekistan with an emphasis on its glorious ikats.

Due to a technical glitch, we couldn't record Dana's talk. But you can watch the tour preview here

Dana Davies and Shila Desai


Read about Dana

February 9, 2021

Medieval India: Religion, Warfare, and Two Strong Queens

Indian medieval warrior queens' contributions to religious harmony, the anti-colonial movement, art, and architecture. Clues to modern India through two strong queens - Sultana Razia and Abbakka Chowta. Read more

Dr Joyce Salisbury

Professor Emerita, PhD Medieval History, Rutgers NJ

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January 5, 2021

Stories in Silver : reading North African jewellery 

Messenger, protector and bank account are roles traditional jewellery plays Travel from the steppes of Central Asia to the Maghreb to decipher the language of silver. 

Sigrid van Roode

Sigrid is Jewellery Historian at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands


November 19, 2020

Geeta's Diwali Kitchen

Chef Geeta invites you into her kitchen to explore myths and traditions of Diwali while focusing on the food that brings us together. Cook along or just watch. FREE - Catch the recorded session here

Geeta Maini

About Geeta

March 18, 2021

Moroccan zellige is as intricate as jewellery. Yet Morocco's royal cities are lavishly adorned with zellige. Go inside enchanting zellige interiors, learn how it's made, and why it's a prized but dying art. Includes Oct 2021 tour preview. Watch

Shila Desai

Owner and Founder, E.Y.H.O. Tours and zellige enthusiast

March 9, 2021

¡Viva México! Celebrate Popular Art

Few countries offer such a rich and varied cultural heritage as Mexico. The arts and crafts of Mexico are a living force, not a nostalgic evocation. Dazzling colour and design combine Aztec, Maya and Spanish traditions. Read more here

Chloë Sayer


Read about Chloë


January 19, 2021

Silver and Frankincense

Journey into the evanescent world of traditional Arab scent. Scent features in religious, personal, and social context through silver perfume containers, sumptuously scented paste beads, and fragrant clove necklaces. 

Sigrid van Roode

Sigrid is Jewellery Historian at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands


December 10, 2020

Frida Kahlo and Traditional Mexican Dress

Frida Kahlo's iconic status lies in her flamboyant and courageous dressing style, an homage to Mexican indigenous cultures and an inspiration for designers and fashionistas the world over. Reading list here

Chloë Sayer

About Chloë

taj mahal.jpg

November 2, 2020

Behind the Marble Veil

Royal intrigues, power grabs, and the real reason why the world's most beautiful building was built. A synthesis of latest scholarship on northern India's "exposed zone" and the Timurid connection

Dr Justin Jacobs

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