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September 4 - 15, 2023 - SOLD OUT
Aug 26-Sept 6, 2023 - SOLD OUT
Optional Zanzibar


Bear witness to Nature's greatest wildlife show.

“If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari.”” – Karen Blixen (Danish author of 'Out of Africa')

8 Days Maasai Mara and Serengeti with Ngorongoro and Tarangire National Parks. Optional 5 days Zanzibar.

In the planet’s ultimate wildlife sanctuary, over a million wildebeest traverse enormous distances in search of pasture. Predators are never far behind. Take centre stage as drama unfolds on the plains of Masai Mara and Serengeti.

Descend into Ngorongoro Crater, a veritable garden of Eden, and track enormous herds of elephant along the Tarangire. Immerse yourselves in the cultural crossroads of Stonetown and cool your heels on the spectacular beach of Zanzibar. An unforgettable journey back to humankind's primal roots to the place we at E.Y.H.O., being Kenyan-born, call home. 



  • Four of Africa's greatest national parks

  • Maasai Mara, teeming with plainsgame and the Big Five 

  • Serengeti's endless savannah: big sky, big country

  • Ngorongoro Crater: the world's largest caldera 

  • Tarangire NP's herds of elephant  

  • Luxury tented camps after a day of adventure

  • Mobile tented camp for closest access to the action

  • Outstanding guides in tune with the land and its rhythms

Optional: Zanzibar

  • Stone Town, Zanizibar: UNESCO, blend of Africa, the Arab region, India, and Europe

  • Beachfront bliss on the Spice Island, Zanzibar

Accolades “I cannot pick just one special moment. They just kept on coming until the entire ten days became one big special moment. Without a doubt, this African safari has been my favourite holiday so far. Shila, you set the bar very high, and delivered more than we expected.” — Dr Menon, Mississauga, ON

"Truly the trip of a lifetime, made possible by Shila's careful planning and attention to detail. ” – Cathy Laverty, Minnesota

Image by Karl Paul Baldacchino
Close Encounters 

An unparalleled chance to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. While nobody can guarantee wildlife sightings, the wonder of chancing upon zebras cavorting, big cats prowling, hippos suddenly surfacing from a still pool, or lions and lionesses mating, will stay with you forever. 

Stunning landscapes 

Catch your breath . . .  this is big sky and big land country like no place else. Enormous expanses of savannah, dotted with acacia forest and marked by undulating highlands, unfold before your eyes. Weather patterns can be observed from miles away. The sky is an ever changing drama. Long after your return home, Africa's beauty will stay with you. 

Image by Sneha Cecil
Tribal communities

Get to know some of earth's oldest tribal communities. Take the Masai, for example. Nomadic pastoralists, their traditions, diet, and lifestyle have remained largely unchanged over thousands of years. Visit their manyattas and witness an ancient way of life. 

Image by Bob Brewer
Beyond the Big Five

Once you have had your fill of the Big Five, look for spectacular birdlife. Co-existing in symbiotic relationships with practically all wild game, East Africa's wild birds attract birding enthusiasts from the world over. The sheer variety, flashes  of colour, and unique behaviours will enthral and delight you. 

Luxury in the wild 

Just because you're in the African bush doesn't mean you'll rough it. Expect the last word in personalised luxury at our tented camps and select lodges. Many complete with pools overlooking the plains, champagne breakfasts, sundowners as the sun sets, and ranger-led walking safaris. Think: Redux "Out of Africa"

Image by Seth Doyle
Support for self help villages

Our credo is to support communities that we interact with. We will visit a self-help village supported by E.Y.H.O. in Tanzania's Nyanza region where you will get a chance to appreciate the resourcefulness of communities overcoming substantial odds. 

Image by Majkl Velner
Cultural Immersion in Zanzibar

If you choose to go, you won't regret the days you'll spend steeped in Arab-Swahili-Indian culture and cuisine in the Spice Island of Zanzibar. It's not all pollyanna though. Once a stop for the slave trade, Stone Town also established the first school for freed slave girls on the spot they were once enslaved. Zanzibar is sure to sober and uplift you at the same time. 

Culinary Beats

You'll be astonished at the culinary excellence that can be produced miles away from anywhere. East African chefs are endlessly inventive. They love spoiling guests with impromptu barbeques set out within a lion's roar -- watched over by a ranger, of course. Or a lavish picnic laid out under the shade of an acacia tree, midway through your safari drive. Memories will be made!

What you can expect 

our guests say it best

Rekha Karambayya

Combines unparalleled access with social responsibility and cultural sensitivity to achieve everything one could hope for in a specialty group tour: a creatively curated itinerary, meticulous planning, flawless execution and wonderful travel companions.  

Philip Silverberg

“Given the chance would I travel with Shila again? Yes. She is a hands on operator, with a sense of humour and is always respectful.

Very accommodating for those would like to pursue special interest and to then rejoin the group.”

Cindy Broughton

In one word, amazing.

Shila provided me an opportunity to experience the treasure that is Morocco:  colors, food, history, people, handcrafts, markets, accommodations.  I experienced the widest range of Moroccan life. Thank you, Shila, for giving me memories for a lifetime.

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