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October 20 - November 5, 2019

Chef-led cultural and culinary immersion in heartland of India

with Diwali, festival of lights 

17 Days in-depth exploration 

Join renowned Canadian chef and native Hindi speaker, Geeta Maini in teeming food markets, award-winning restaurants, palace kitchens, and local homes for a  journey to the culinary heart of India. Along the way, you'll experience deep cultural immersion through the food of everyday India and delicacies savoured at Diwali. 


Your safety and comfort are never compromised, but you will be taken off the beaten path in search of the quintessential India.


Are you ready?

What you can look forward to:

  • Gloves-off India with a small and intimate group

  • Widest range of experiences — royalty in palaces, local families to eye-opening slum visit

  • Markets where all food love starts

  • Colour, joy, celebration of Diwali 

  • Timeless monuments, expertly guided to avoid tourist traps and crowds

  • Select boutique/heritage hotels for maximum pampering and local interaction

  • Talks by Geeta on food traditions of festivals

  • Cooking lessons, demos and hosted dinners/lunches

  • Optional: Tastes of royal Lucknow: market walks, demos, and visits with famed chikan embroiderers

Write us today for more information.


About your tour leader, Geeta Maini

Author of the indispensable "An Affair with Indian Food", Geeta Maini was born in Kenya  of Indian parents. She was knee-high when she began absorbing her mother's cooking lore in an aromatic kitchen. She learned to cook along with her sister and brothers, often sharing in the lessons.In Canada as a busy young mother, Geeta became a superb hostess, a student of many ethnic cuisines and eventually a teacher offering lessons of her own.

Today she travels between Canada, Kenya and India, continuing to enhance her repertoire, explore, and infuse her recipes with the flavours and colours she loves.

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