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Kolkata - Kalna - Phulia - Shantiniketan
February 2-8, 2018

Explore India's heartlands of ancient literary and artistic craftsmanship. Come away with memories of raw adventure, exquisite textiles and cuisine, and a way of life obscured to the world at large

—Take an afternoon visit to Panchla and marvel at the gold thread embroidery with gold zari, seed pearls, sequins and beads that traditionally adorns a bride’s finery.

—Jamdani, also called “woven air”, is the gauziest of cottons with embroidery on the loom. Attend a demonstration of the finest jamdani weaving; and when you can't walk away without one, visit a traditional sari shop owned by a national Jamdani award winner to buy your own.

—Visit the famed, glittering markets of Kolkata where life in India unfolds. At Gariahat and Dakshinapan markets, haggle, browse, and ogle like a local at the stunning variety of wares.

USD 1760 pp double occupancy
USD 720 single supplement

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