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50% staple cotton; 50% viscose. Width 22". Handwoven by Devji Ravji Maheshwari.


Mashru was traditionally woven for Muslim communities, who believed that silk should not touch the skin. Ingenious weavers created a textile with cotton on inside, and silk on outside for a rich look while honouring the decree. Once a royal craft, Mashru is in severe decline except in Kutch and Saurasthra where women stitch mashru kanjari (backless blouses), skirts, and cholis. Khamir has been instrumental in reviving this weave, and help weave communities together. Ahir Patels (farmers) produce cotton, which, when handspun, is given to the weavers. Rabari and Ahir women enrich the fabric with mirrorwork embroidery.


Mashru's bold striped patterns and sumptuous feel with a cotton lining makes it an ideal choice of show-stopping pants and accent pieces. More info: click

100% of your purchase goes directly to weaver during COVID-19 to keep weavers weaving



Mashru Yardage

  • INR 230 per mtr (approx USD 3.50). Width 22". 

    Shipping extra: begins approx at USD 25-35 per shipment. Khamir handling charge: 15%. 

    Delivery: After lock-down ends and delivery services resume, your purchases will be shipped to your address.

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