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Royal Ladies of Udaipur Confer at Holi Celebrations

Royal ladies

India – Maharaja Tour

“Shila’s boundless energy and commitment created lifelong memories
Dunja K., Toronto

“My aha! moment on the trip…there were so many it was hard to narrow it down to one. I do keep going back though to the absolutely magical night at the Maharana’s Shiv Niwas Palace. The evening reception, complete with a cooking demo by the gorgeous and gracious women of the royal family, stands out in my mind. We were all on our best behavior, comfortable after a week in our Indian garb and comfortable and relaxed with one another in the group. The palace location was awe-inspiring in its beauty and the perfect evening, under a full moon, lit by candlelight, in the presence of Indian royalty, dining on unbelievably delicious food, with a group of wonderful women all added up to an evening that I will never forget.” – Carolyn W. – Cooking With Maharajas, Toronto

“Shila is a seasoned traveller with a knack for finding amazing, out of the ordinary experiences and accommodations. We cooked with Maharajahs, toured a community development project in Mumbai and “played Holi” with a Bollywood star—just for starters. If you want to know about riding elephants, rowing through candle-lit waters, and more, you can’t go wrong with Shila.” — Valerie M., Cooking with Maharajas, Toronto

“Shila, hope one day soon I can join you for another outstanding tour. You are the best. Namaste , Joanne” – Joanne G., Cooking with Maharajas, Atlanta.

India – Textiles and Desert Tribals

Cartwheels in Salt Desert

Cartwheels in Salt Desert

“My recent travels to India with EYHO Tours was nothing like I expected. My sister, who has an intimate knowledge of textiles and is an experienced traveler, encouraged me to join her on this journey. A textile tour, to India, with a group of unknown women was not even on my radar. But I said yes, I’d go, since I’m always up for a new adventure. It was a decision I will always be pleased that I made. I was welcomed from the onset from a beautiful woman, Shelia Desai, company owner, tour organizer and guide extraordinaire. Her intimate knowledge of the people, culture, textiles,food and regions made the experience seamless. The balance between anthropological attractions and in the diversity within the textile industry was fascinating. The range in our varied accommodations made them seem like additional attractions. From Maharajahs’ palaces and tents to desert mud huts bedazzled with reflective mirrors, our lodgings were always comfortable and safe. The hosts, always warm and friendly. Shila’s attention to detail extended as well to our skilled tour bus driver and assistant as well as to the regional guides. Their knowledge and personal skills extended the satisfaction of our journey. Time and financing permitting, I would travel with EYHOtours again.” — Tina Hoffer, Colorado, Textiles India 2015

“Hello Shila,

Rabari peasant woman

Rabari peasant woman

Just wanted you to know that the tour was really amazing and I so much enjoyed it better then I could imagine. What a great group of people. I have no complaints every thing was perfect. I would do it again if the itinerary was different. Would love to spend more days doing block printing with clay resist. If you ever here of a place that does that kind of block-printing I would love to go for 2 weeks. I think you are so good at what you do. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful tour. My only complaint was I did not find 30 min enough time to enjoy Gandhi Ashram. But I understand that it was not really part of the textile tour so I appreciate that you offered it. Be well look forward to traveling with you again.” – Janis C. – Textiles of Gujarat, Kutch and Rajasthan 2014

“A million thanks for organizing such a packed, fascinating and focused tour, and giving me such a splendid intro to India . Bonus bonus! Being with all you Gujarati folk and foodies. I don’t have too many textiles either as I feared. Only wish I could return on a regular basis for some textiles fix! I absolutely adored the trip and have a million ideas to digest as well as photos galore.” – Dr. Alex P. Toronto, Textile Tour 2014


elephant baby feeding - dawn

Morning feed

“I cannot pick just one special moment as they just kept on coming until the entire ten days became one big special moment. Without a doubt, this African Safari has been my favourite holiday so far. Shila, the bar has been set high and I look forward to joining you on many more such adventures”  Shanti Menon, Reverse Migration Tanzania 2015. See guest post – click here.

“Waiting in Zanzibar airport for our fight to Nairobi. Thank you for an outstanding safari. Lots of fond memories from our safari together!” — Alison and Paul S., Toronto, Migration Safari 2014

“EYHO stands for Eat your Heart Out. Comes with high recommendation.” — Kiran S., Toronto, Migration Safari 2014

“Fantastic time…tour leader really helped make this trip!”
M. Macneil – 2012 safari

“Amazing…travelling with a tour leader with Western sensibilities who knows this country intimately from childhood” Mina S. – 2012 safari

“My husband and I had an extraordinary time.  The animals, of course, were the highlight — we saw giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinoceros, lions, zebras, the list goes on.  Our photos captured them hunting, sleeping and playing as well as the great migration which is a fascinating sight.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime and was made possible by Shila’s careful planning and attention to detail. ” – Cathy L., Migration safari 2010


“So jet lagged but such wonderful memories of our amazing trip together. Such great work Shila. Hope to see you all again soon!” — Naomi P., Toronto, Indochina 2013

“Thanks so much for the lovely holiday. I know the amount of work you put into it but it was worth it. I had the most wonderful time. It gave me a great overview so now I know where to bring Steven. Keep me in mind for your other trips. Missing you all already!” — Monique I., Toronto, Indochina 2013

Sri Lanka – Kerala

“I truly admire and appreciate what you are doing: providing great opportunities to discover India and Asia through your imaginative

Cricket at Orphanage

Cricket at Orphanage

views. The trip to Sri Lanka was an amazing example of what island living is; that is, diversity contained in a smaller place. You gave us the opportunity to sample that diversity. Highlights: village experience in which the host lady showed how to shell rice, prepare millet flour,  and cooked a simple meal for the group; and the Elephant Festival in Cochin which I enjoyed immensely but I know I pushed it a bit too far and was tired. About trip logistics, the pre-trip Skype group meeting with subsequent e-mail follow ups was extremely helpful. For example the info about exchanging money at the airport and the amount suggested –both worked out perfectly. Another thing that was new in this trip, and worked out nicely was the table you gave us with days, activities and clothing to wear. I look forward to considering another travel experience with you. How are plans for Myanmar coming?” – Inés S de-J., Puerto Rico/Minnesota, Sri Lanka-Kerala 2015


“I would travel with Shila again in a heartbeat!”  Anne-Marie A – Contrasts and Maharajas


EYHO Celebrates Holi!

The most elusive testimonial — from my 18 year old: “I’ve seen first-hand the care, creativity, and dedication she puts into each trip, and her unmatched talent for unearthing local secrets and hidden gems in each country. Each trip she planned was gorgeous, vibrant, and off-the-beaten path.” Saima Desai – World Traveller. Read more.

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