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Past Group Tours

Wow. We can’t keep up with the posts!

Between January 2015 – April 2016 we hosted 7 group trips and completed 3 dry runs:

  • Desert Tribals and Textiles in Gujarat-Rajasthan x 2

  • South India Temples and Chettinad (dry run)

  • Culinary and Holi to North India

  • North East India and West Bengal Textiles

  • Reverse Migration Serengeti Safari

  • Myanmar (dry run)

  • Sri Lanka-Kerala – Tea, Spices, and Festivals

  • Sailing the Antiquities in Turkey

Photos and salutes coming soon!

Migration Safari to Masai Mara and Serengeti – August 2014 The images say it all. Small group private safari to the last remaining wild plains migration. Each day was adrenaline-inducing. The group started off excited about seeing zebras and ended checking off the Big Five several times. Can never get enough of Africa!

Gujarat-Kutch-Rajasthan Textiles, Kite Festival, and Jaipur Lit Fest 2014  Desert tribal villages and their glorious textile artisanship. Unparalleled access to the Wild West of India, followed by Kite Festival and Jaipur Lit Fest. Block printing workshops, monuments, and temples. “A packed, fascinating, and focused tour. A million thanks for such a splendid intro to India. I absolutely adored this trip.” – Dr Alex Palmer, R.O.M. textiles curator

Watch the 2013/14 EYHO tours of  Gujarat-Kutch-Rajasthan Textiles, Kite Festival, and Jaipur Lit Fest Click Here

Indochina – Mekong Journey and Cambodia Nov 2013 Cruised the mighty Mekong to magnificent temples and vibrant cities where rich legacies mingle with an enterprising present day culture. “I know the amount of work you put into it but it was worth it. I had the most wonderful time – Monique Isaacson, Toronto

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North India Cooking with Maharajas and Holi 2013. All about markets, food, and contrasts of everyday Indian life. This is the trip that astonished and captivated. “Shila, what rabbit will you pull out next?” Ann Kerwin, Toronto

Gujarat-Kutch Textiles and Kite Festival 2013 Off the beaten track to India’s tribal and textile heart. Unforgettable interaction with villagers and locals – and Ahmedabad Kite Festival!  “Thought I knew India. I was mistaken.” Deepali Rana, Toronto.

Kenya-Tz Migration Safari 2012 The planet’s biggest wildlife show with millions of wildebeest followed by big cats, crocodiles and E.Y H.O. landcruisers. Cameras clicked non-stop.“Been there, done that, but nothing comes close to this trip.” – Heidi P, Laguna Hills, CA

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North India Cooking with Maharajas and Holi 2011 The trip that began it all. 19 EYHO-ers travelled with a Bollywood thespian. Holi coloured our experience, as did the Maharajas’ lavish hospitality in forts and palaces. “Pinch me. Am I dreaming?”- Lynn H. – Toronto

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