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Helpful Links

Jane Canapini’s Grownup Travels

Information and Inspiration for Travellers over 45

Jane Canapini, a former award-winning marketing executive, delivers really useful travel advice for the 45+ age set with wit and humour. Her tag line “Rough edges but with soft landings” captures the spirit of today’s independent-minded mature traveller who refuses to settle for the banal. There’s not many who research every aspect of a trip as thoroughly as I do, but Jane is a kindred spirit. Besides, she takes the best photos which makes her site an absolute pleasure to potter around in!

Evelyn Hannon’s Journeywoman

Evelyn started travelling solo in the ’70’s after a marriage breakup. She hasn’t stopped since. Her website and monthly newsletter links one of the largest women’s travel networks in the world.  An EYHO champion, Evelyn was an early encourager to the idea of an empty-nester, women-entrepreneur travel business.

Margaret Manning’s Sixty and Me

Margaret travelled with EYHO on India Textile Tour 2015. Her window to the world of age sixty-plus women — independent, inspired, dynamic — captures invaluable resources designed to help you achieve the best of the golden years.