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Guest Leaders

E.Y.H.O. leaders are experts in their field and committed to sharing a passion for the destination.

They have no hidden agenda, no blasé attitude, and will not reroute you to commissioned tourist traps.  They are on a mission to bring you the deepest, most meaningful travel experience. 


Viraj Desai:  Born in East Africa and lived in the Caribbean, Goa, Fiji, England and Canada all before she hit the age of 14 – travelling is in her blood! Since then Viraj has juggled her consulting career around the urge to explore. She has led friends on travels to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Uganda, Tanzania in search of new adventures including some pretty ‘off-the-beaten’ path ones.  She frequently visits India to unearth hidden gems. Viraj will lead one of our tours to Myanmar in February 2017.
Chloe Sayer Mexican artistChloë Sayer Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar and curator, specializing in Mexican art and culture. The author of numerous books about textiles and craft skills, she was guest-curator of the exhibition ¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, where she is now a Research Associate. She lectures widely, and has made ethnographic collections for the British Museum. She has also worked on television documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. In 2016 she was given the prestigious Ohtli award by the Mexican government, in recognition of her enduring commitment to Mexican culture
meena suppiah
A great tour leader provides a cultural bridge to a faraway land and its peoples. Born in the Far East, educated in Singapore and the U.K., Meena Suppiah‘s ancestral roots  are in the heartland of South India, and particularly in medieval banking micro-culture of Chettinad. Her anecdotes of growing up in a traditional Chettiar family match her ability to unearth experiences unique to South India, and importantly interpreting them in an incisive yet sensitive manner for the Western traveller. Meena will co-lead the South India Temples Yoga and Chettinad tour in Feb 2017.

Nitin VyasHaving grown up in Tanzania, Nitin Vyas connects intuitively with wildlife. He has explored wildlife sanctuaries all over India and East Africa, and has intimate knowledge of their inhabitants. Through his lens he has captured the magnificence of wildlife in a unique light. His landscape pictures capture the magic of light, colour and depth of vision. Laurels include Wildlife Photography Award in 2014 for his work in Serengeti National Park, and has been featured in various magazines, calendars, websites and educational institutions. Nitin will lead November 2016’s Kenya Photography Safari to Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru.


Past leaders 

geetaGeeta Maini: Born in and lived in Kenya as a child. Geeta learned to cook by her mother’s side, with her sister and brothers often sharing in the lessons. As a busy young mother in Canada, Geeta continued to explore the culinary arts. She became a superb hostess, a student of many ethnic cuisines and eventually a teacher offering lessons of her own. Today she travels between Canada, Nairobi and India, continuing to enhance her repertoire, explore and infuse her recipes with the flavours and colours she loves. Geeta’s cookbook Khaana Sutra (Khaana in Hindi = “Food”) was a sellout success. Geeta led a successful culinary tour of North and Central India in March 2016.

arti chandariaArti Chandaria (in memorium – Jan 2015) was a tireless champion for South Asian arts and culture in Toronto. She was instrumental in finding a home for South Asian artifacts in institutions such as the Royal Ontario Museum and the Textile Museum of Canada. Born in Mumbai to a textile industrialist family, she developed a passion for handloom textiles and their history. Arti was instrumental in initiating the first Textile Tour of Gujarat and Kutch in 2013. She lost a 20 year battle with cancer in January 2015, and although she is sadly missed, her spirit lives on in E.Y.H.O’s textile tours.

gl1Sheena Singh, the catalyst of the inaugural tour, publishes the internationally acclaimed Multicultural Calendar with her own inimitable artwork, and leads spiritual Reconnection Journeys to India. Born and raised in India, her in-depth knowledge of, connections in, and experience of travel in India were instrumental to the launch of E.Y.H.O.



Ms Sheena is a certified past life hypnotherapist

DeeDilbeste (Dee) Alameddine: Born in Istanbul to Turkish parents. Attended Robert College in Istanbul, followed by Middlebury College, Vermont and majored in Economics and German. Loves languages, studied French and Italian, Arabic. Lived in ten countries! Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, England, France, Germany, USA, Canada. Now back in Istanbul and enjoying every moment. Has acted as Turkish guide for her friends from the world over. Dee got her Captain’s licence in high school. She captained our 40m private yacht in Sept 2015.


Enjoy sharing a passion for your homeland or area of interest? You could be an E.Y.H.O. trip leader — Contact me today!