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Custom Travel

Forget frustrating trawls through online sites.

Corporate, solo, special interests, family reunion, or travelling with kids . . .We will make it happen. Using care, local knowledge, and familial connections, EYHO will infuse your travel with unforgettable beats.

Our guests say it all . . .

“Dear Shila,

It was so wonderful to work with you and I thank you for being incredibly supportive of my daughter.

Sometimes I got frustrated with her, after speaking to her about her plans for her Nepal trek because she kept reverting to “improvise” mode even after being presented with several viable travel options. You, on the other hand, never exhibited any frustration with your client at all, and for that I thank you. Your listening skills, your organizational skills, your patience – (and your incredible ability to stay up until 3 am ironing out details while the rest of the world sleeps!) – are just a few of the reasons why I would not hesitate to contact you again for any help with travel plans.” — Gerry Thornton, Nepal custom trek. 

” . . . we had a glorious time in southern India! Everyone stayed healthy and everything worked like a clock. We were well taken care of by guides and drivers.Thank you so much for putting the program together for us. I highly recommend you to any of our friends who are interested in traveling to that part of world.” — Peggy Biggin, South India Custom Tour

Sample custom travel arranged:

  • North India: Mutual fund delegation’s Due Diligence trip followed by lavish Taj Mahal/Rajasthan tour

  • Turkey: Girls’ getaway to Istanbul and Cappadocia

  • North India: 3 Canadian families with 5 kids – architecture, active adventure, culinary, social cause

  • North India, Hyderabad, Goa: university profs – environmental, bird sanctuaries, dance, and textiles

  • Kerala and Mumbai: US couple – Spice route, culinary, and Jewish heritage

  • Himachal Pradesh: Colorado family –  hiking, tribals, Ladakh festival

  • Kenya: Toronto grade school teachers – wildlife, Nairobi orphanage

  • Gujarat and Kutch: ROM museum curator researching lungi fabric from Kutch to Madagascar

  • North India and Indore: Canadian interior designer – Indian interior design, Bollywood fashion, textiles shopping

  • North India – tiger safari and Varanasi

  • . . . any many many more!

Excel March 2015

Excel Mutual Funds Due Diligence Tour

“Shila, I wish to express our sincere gratitude for making our recent Due Diligence trip (November 30 – December 6, 2015) to India a tremendous success. The team of Canadian investment advisors that accompanied Excel team was truly impressed with your exceptional efforts in ensuring that they had an once-in-a-lifetime experience in India.” — Bhim Asdhir, President and C.E.O., Excel Mutual Funds, Canada.

'I am more likely to give help than ask it" - Bagheera admired his steel-blue talons - "still I should like to know.’

‘I am more likely to give help than ask it” – Bagheera admired his steel-blue talons – “still I should like to know.’

“Thank you again for everything you did to make this such a splendid trip! From tiger sightings to superb hotels, everything was exceptional. India – the only country we will visit twice! Here’s to doing Southern India with you, Shila!” — R. Pugh, 4 pax, Custom North India and Tiger Safari –  from North Carolina.



We have been having an amazing time. Almost every day is an experience we’ve wondered at or enjoyed sometimes for the wrong reasons perhaps.

visit india postcardWe just got back from the cooking lesson with S. who is an amazing woman with the most positive outlook on life despite the very difficult time she has had. I think we all wanted to adopt her. The food was delicious but in truth, the experience was far more meaningful than we could have anticipated.

 The experiences that have impressed us most have been the glimpses of real life in India, warts and all. The visit to the orphanage in Agra where we saw dance performances by the children and adult disabled residents; shopping in the markets in Jaipur, and ziplining in the pouring rain in Jodhpur.

 The hotels have all been very good. However, the palace hotel in Jodhpur is out of this world. I have never stayed in a hotel like this and I have probably been forever spoiled by the experience!  Tomorrow we are scheduled to meet the Maharaja, who has done a lot for the people here.

In brief, you have planned a fabulous trip and I cannot thank you enough.” Evelyn Schuseim, Toronto – custom tour, North India

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