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Looking to travel imaginatively?

Welcome to EYHO Tours!

We excel in special interest group and custom travel. 


The most precious commodity is your leisure time. With that core understanding, I listenconceptualiseplan, and organise every detail until it’s perfect for you. I go directly to trusted connections for an enriched trip at surprising value.

To ensure smooth passage, I personally escort groups. I lavish the same care on custom vacations. Sure, you’ll do the sights, but why not also take in street food in Hanoi, a meal with locals in Jaipur, visit a grassroots community in Tanzania, mingle with royals in Udaipur, make friends on a Deccan train, explore tribal textiles in Kutch, cook with Maharajas in a 17th century fort, dance at vibrant festivals…and much, much more.

Unpackage your travels! Where will you go next??

Call today. If you’re in the Toronto area, drop in… I’d love to hear your ideas over a cup of chai.

Shila Desai

(What does EYHO stands for? …Why, Eat Your Heart Out!)



Watch EYHO’s adventure in Gujarat desert — Textiles/Tribals/Kite Festival

More raves!

“My recent textile tour to India with EYHO was nothing like I expected. My sister, who has an intimate knowledge of textiles and is an experienced traveler, encouraged me to join her on this journey. A textile tour, to India, with a group of unknown women was not even on my radar. But I said yes, I’d go, since I’m always up for a new adventure. It was a decision I will always be pleased that I made. I was welcomed from the onset by a beautiful woman, Shelia Desai, company owner, tour organizer and guide extraordinaire. Her intimate knowledge of the people, culture, textiles,food and regions made the experience seamless. The balance between anthropological attractions and in the diversity within the textile industry was fascinating. The range in our varied accommodations made them seem like additional attractions. From Maharajahs’ palaces and tents to desert mud huts bedazzled with reflective mirrors, our lodgings were always comfortable and safe. The hosts, always warm and friendly. Shila’s attention to detail extended as well to our skilled tour bus driver and assistant as well as to the regional guides. Their knowledge and personal skills extended the satisfaction of our journey. Time and financing permitting, I would travel with EYHOtours again.” — Tina Hoffer, Colorado

“The Cooking with Maharajas tour was a wonderful and accessible way to see India again after thirty years. For me, the highlights were travelling through the vibrantly coloured Rajasthan during Holi, the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, the wonderful meals, the spectacularly beautiful and peaceful Fort Ahilya, and our very knowledgable tour guides. I would go again in a heartbeat.” – Alison C.

“Shila, your boundless energy and commitment doesn’t go unnoticed  . . . thanks for arranging and organizing us to have such awesome lifelong memories. I will always treasure my time in India and will always remember who the true “heart” in EYHO was!” – Dunja K.

“I certainly find comparable university alumni tours to be hugely expensive. I get a LOT of brochures from them, so they must be a lucrative operation – and at their prices, that’s not surprising. You’re still my Preferred Supplier, Shila!”John G.

More EYHO-ers’ accolades — read on!